Hello! My name is Frank Gossett. I was an alcoholic and drug addict for over forty years, made a horrible mess of my life and went to prison twice. While in prison the last time, God put people in my path who showed me I still have hope and that hope is Jesus Christ (Romans 5:2). These people were able to come into prison and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with me and others, due to support from churches and individuals. Without the sacrifices of such people, I wonder where I might be today. Through their efforts, I was given the chance to graduate from Liberty Seminary with a diploma in Biblical Knowledge and Basic Theology.

Upon my release from prison, I felt the call to prison ministry, to be a person such as those that came to me. I know there are a lot of men (and women) who can be reached by someone like me. Someone who can relate to the pain of incarceration. I know the hurt of forcible separation from loved ones. This is why I encourage you to pray and seek God about partnering with me in this ministry. I know that, in God's plan, He has already made the provision.

God has done some amazing things in my life, to include blessing me with a woman who became my wife on December 2, 2013. I never thought I would find anyone who wanted to marry a man with my past; but, again, God had a plan.

Through all the trials and tribulations since being released from prison, nine years ago, God has continually demonstrated His faithfulness. Every life God touches, in turn, touches another life. I have made myself available for God to use as He sees fit. He has made a way out of no way and has met every need in my life. I would like to ask you to pray and consider inviting me to share my story with members of your organization or church. I covet your prayers and I pray God blesses you and your ministry abundantly.