2019 - Volume I

“I was taught all white people hated black people”


Because of generous folks like you, men in prison are learning that some things they were taught as a child, aren’t true.


After one of the Spiritual Manhood classes, a young man, we’ll call him Hank, approached me, stating he needed to talk with me. I told him to come in the office and we’d talk. Hank told me he owed me an apology. I was taken aback because I didn’t know this young man. I don’t think I’d ever seen him before. He went on to tell me he owed me an apology because he had pre-judged me. He stated he had always been taught that white people hated black people. I always try my best to look all these men in their eyes and tell them I love them; the color of their skin doesn’t matter to me. This young man began crying as he told me, “When you looked at me and said you loved me, I knew you meant it. I could feel it.” Please pray that I will continue to be able to reach the hearts of other men like Hank.


I never ‘pretend’ with these men because I know they desperately need and are looking for answers. They know I once sat exactly where they’re sitting now and they know God is blessing my life. They want to learn more about how to have what I have – a true relationship with the Lord.


I have other stories I could share; but, I guess I need to save some for the next newsletter.


It is only because of your partnerships, I am able to provide these men with the hope of Jesus and a way out of the lifestyles they’ve known. You make it possible for them to hear about Jesus and how He can change not only their lives; but, the lives of their children and wives, too.


For everyone currently partnering with us, thank you. Together, we are making a difference. Also, a special thank you to our new partners. If you were a monthly partner in the past and had to stop for some reason, thank you, as well; we appreciate your continued partnership in prayer. If you are considering joining us for the first time, it is easy to become a partner.


We are raising our own support through We Care Program. Currently, we are about $500 a month short of what it takes to continue this ministry. Even a gift of $5 or $10 a month will help us reach our goal and enable me to continue taking the hope of Jesus to these men in prison. To partner with us, simply click here. If you give online, choose "Other" for the designation, then type in Frank's name in the comments.  



  • March 10th, we celebrated ONE YEAR being in Union Springs

  • Frank completed a semester of teaching four classes and taking four classes toward his Associates Degree in Christian Counseling


  • Frank has been preaching in population and in the mental health facility


  • In the past quarter, he has baptized 38 men and served Communion to hundreds


  • Frank has had to step up and stand in for Chaplain Walker, who has had to be out a lot due to his wife’s health struggle. Please continue to pray for her healing - UPDATE: The day after this newsletter was completed, Chaplain Walker's wife was promoted to Heaven. Please keep him in your prayers.

  • We have found a wonderful church family to worship with right here in town


  • Kathryn came out of retirement and began working, three days a week, at a bank right in town